A complete & comprehensive health
management platform for all Specialists.


BodyLog365 is safe, secure, encrypted and a complete Eco-system allowing your clinic to provide world class service to your patients.

Three key reasons Specialists use BodyLog365

  • Easy monitoring of patients who are at home
  • Free up the space in your clinic
  • Streamline pre & post operative care

Many benefits – One Ecosystem. BodyLog365

Easy Monitoring

Easy Workflow

Streamline Care

Easy analysis

Share care

Accurate readings

Video calls in app for Virtual Health

Lower your clinical running costs

Pre & Post operative care

How BodyLog365 will assist Specialists

A complete and comprehensive health management platform for all specialists and their clinics to view, analyse, manage and care for your patient’s well-being.

Patients use Bluetooth enabled health monitoring devices at home to manage and monitor various vital parameters; these readings are seen in near real time by your clinic on BodyLog365 portal. This will allow you to free up the space in your clinic for critically ill patients.

BodyLog365 assists Specialists in managing patients' health in an EASIER, EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE manner.

How to add BodyLog to Best Practice

  1. Add “Genesis Biotech Pty Limited” as 3rd party application in BP software.
    Press “Save” button twice
    Close and Restart “Best Practice” application to access to BodyLog and LifeSmart
  2. Install zip files for LifeSmart and LifeSmart services from the USB drive provided to you. Alternatively our zip folder is found on our websites www.mylifesmart.net.au or www.bodylog365.com
  3. Once installed, click on the icon on the desktop and login using your Username and Password. If you have forgotten your credentials please contact our support team at support@bodylog365.com

    If you have not created your login details, use “Sign in” to create one.
  4. Once you (GP) sign-in, you need to select your clinic
  5. Go to Dash board and then to LifeSmart Service configuration
  6. You will see
    1. Appointment Sync Service (nothing to do here). This will allow all appointments made in BodyLog to sync with Best Practice and vice versa.
    2. Patient Report Upload Service – Click on “Start Service” to receive notifications once a day from regarding your patients documents. You can turn this “OFF” at any time.

You are now ready to use BodyLog services through Best Practice to provide better clinical outcome to your patients.

For support:

Call: 1300 110 155

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