Knowing your health parameters will assist
in managing your well-being in a better way


BodyLog365 ecosystem enables you to manage and share your vital health data in near real-time by best in the market Bluetooth devices from the comfort of your home.

The data from these BT devices is seamlessly transferred to the device App and then to BodyLog365 portal, used by health professionals. This historic data is seen by your health professional during your consultation.

Three steps to Get ahead

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  • Manage your health from home

Many Users. One Ecosystem. BodyLog365

How can you manage your health

LifeSmart app helps you to collect your health data through LifeSmart health monitoring devices and share your data to your GP


Check your health parameters using latest Bluetooth health devices, that are best in the market


All data is interpreted in easy-to-understand format in your device app


All your data is encrypted and saved for up to 24 months


You can now share your data with your health professional for better health outcomes

Subscribe to one of our BodyLog365 plans and receive
Ketone and Blood Glucose strips for free.

Please note : There are 10 strips in a pack for both Ketone and Blood Glucose


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LifeSmart digital health monitoring devices are TGA-registered, secure, and safe

TGA-Registered, secure and safe

All data collected by BodyLog365 or LifeSmart Health app through LifeSmart Health monitoring devices is encrypted and securely stored on servers located in Australia.

Data is NOT sold, transferred or shared to any third parties.
BodyLog365 subscriber has control on their data choosing whom to share their data, adding or removing permissions at any time through LifeSmart Health app.