Your Members health is paramount.
Manage their health claims in a more effective way.


BodyLog365 helps Health Insurance providers to Get Ahead by using personalised member health data to achieve better outcome to minimise claims and if needed by early interventions. Health Insurance providers can also reward their members for taking care of their health.

Three key reasons Health Insurance
companies use BodyLog365

  • Increased member loyalty and reduced churn-out through higher perceived value of membership
  • Reduction in claims by members for staying healthier
  • Transparency of members’ health data

One Ecosystem. Multiple benefits. BodyLog365

Accurate readings

Encrypted and Secure

24/7 access to data

Near real time readings

Preventative care

Claims reduction

Encourage health

Encourage better lifestyle

BodyLog365 offers clear insights into your members health allowing you to take proactive actions to intervene early through preventative care and save $$$ on your claims. This also allows you to encourage better health and lifestyle among your members and reward them for the same.

BodyLog365 is integrated with Best Practice software for GPs and Fred Dispensing software for pharmacists.

Members use Bluetooth enabled health monitoring devices to manage and monitor various parameters of their health; this data can be seen in near real time by you with any warning signs. We provide a detailed report for each member every quarter.

We have connected all the dots for you and your members.

Parameters you can VIEW for members

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