BodyLog365 promotes latest Bluetooth enabled home monitoring devices that are of highest quality.


LifeSmart devices have been in the market for over six years catering the needs of Australian public with the latest Bluetooth home monitoring devices. LifeSmart is also part of National Diabetic Services Scheme (NDSS) for its blood glucose monitors and strips.

LifeSmart devices are being widely used through our partners by QLD health, NSW health, SA health, Tasmanian health, Telstra health, private and public hospitals, GP clinics and Diabetic Educators.

All devises are TGA and CE certified.

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Echo devices are Bluetooth enabled and are TGA registered. Apart from having the regular high quality devices (blood pressure, pulse oximeter, thermometer and scale), Echo has a unique and only device in Australia and NZ, a multi-monitoring Bluetooth device which measures 6 different parameters (blood glucose, ketone, cholesterol, tri-glyceride, uric acid and lactate.

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