Providing cost effective & valuable insights into the
rapidly changing health of your residents.

Aged Care

Whether you residents are in aged care or home care, BodyLog365 cloud-based complete Eco-system portal allows you to manage your residents health in an easier, efficient and cost effective way.

Three key reasons to use BodyLog365

  • Eradicate manual entry errors. All results are automatically transferred to your
    portal which frees your staff for further training and cost reductions.
  • Make informed decisions based on historic health data rather than snapshot
    measurements allowing to adjust medication if required.
  • Data can be shared with health processions and family members.

One Ecosystem. Many Benefits. BodyLog365

Connected to Best Practise, Fred Dispense and MediSecure

Cost effective

Efficient management of staff

Easier to look at the data

No manual entry

Satisfaction for extended family

Historic data

Electronic prescription

Health plans

NDSS member

How BodyLog365 will assist Aged care and Home care centres

In an aged care centre, nurse collects data for various parameters from different residents using our latest Bluetooth enabled connected devices. All data is transferred to BodyLog365 portal and then on to your software.

In a home care environment, residents manage their health for various vital parameters by using latest Bluetooth enabled connected devices and the data is seen in near real time by the health professional in your centre.

Parameters you can VIEW for your residents

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