Empowering pharmacies to build
close relationships with local communities.


Pharmacies do more than dispensing scripts. We at BodyLog365 add more value to the services provided by Pharmacies to Engage and Connect to customers by offering better Customer Focussed Solutions.

Three key reasons Pharmacies use BodyLog365

  • See and link your customer data taken at home or in the pharmacy
  • Know your customers’ health and connect to them at a even more personal level
  • Retain your customers’ loyalty and trust in YOU

One Portal. Many benefits. BodyLog365

Now integrated with Fred dispensing software

Integrated with Fred Dispense software

Retain customer Loyalty

Retain customer Trust

Issue medical certificates

Various parameters to view

Better professional services in-store

Integrated with MediSecure

By using BodyLog365, pharmacists can now view the data for various health parameters for your customers taken at home using Bluetooth enabled health monitoring devices that are connected to BodyLog365. You can also link the data to the professional services offered in-store. You will also know if the prescribed medication is working for your customer or not.

Additionally, you can also issue medical certificates using BodyLog365.

How to add BodyLog to Fred Dispense

You can add BodyLog365 from the AppBar for Fred Dispense Plus. BodyLog365 displayed in the AppBar Manager (under My Apps) includes a Settings button. The Setting window for each App can be used to record user details.

  1. Tap (under the AppBar) to display the App Store.
    The App Store displays two sections
    1. Available Apps – Displays all App tiles available to be added. Select BodyLog365 Pro and click on Add button
    2. My Apps – Displays all App tiles that are added to the AppBar. You will see BodyLog365 Pro here ready to be used.
  2. How to add BodyLog365 Pro tile to My Apps.
    In Your Apps, you can perform the following actions:
    1. Drag and drop BodyLog365 Pro tile. You can re-order your apps to suit your preference.
    Once you have selected and ordered your App tiles, tap Save to save your layout.

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